A brand new experience at the heart of Tirana.

A new attractive complex of a total of 54,000 sqm is ready to host the new National Team Stadium as well as many other experiences and is launched before the end of 2019!

Launch before the end

20 19
National Stadium


Located in the heart of Tirana

Authentic, modern and multipurpose building

The multi-purpose building which is part of the New National Stadium Complex “ARENA KOMBETARE” is designed to promote activities and events by offering the potential customers all the necessary services in a single place.


Unique space

Radically will change the consumption patterns

Brand named chain stores, restaurants and coffee shops, offices, hotels and entertainment areas for all family members, guarantying a comfortable, pleasant and safe tour around all spaces for its visitors.

This way, people may easily and effectively choose what they search for.

All under one roof!
By the leading engineering Company, AlbStar.

A 70 million Euro investment

ALB-STAR Ltd is a civil engineering company specialized in the design and execution of important projects in construction field.
Established in 1995 in Fier, Albania, with more than 20 years of experience ALB-STAR is a leading company in Albania in construction and industrial sector. It has a turnover of 60 mln € as a company and 100 mln € as a group and also 1,600 employees.
With 7 other companies it is now part of Finman group, holding company that has the same shareholders..

IR Real Estate and Management brings experience on property management in all aspects of community association management. Including industry-leading expertise in numerous related real estate services.

IR Real Estate and Management is established in September 2016 with the purpose of managing and developing the properties of the Finman group in order to increase their value.
The company offers a wide range of services such as:
• Purchase and leasing of immovable property
• Development of existing properties
• Market research for new investments
• Administration of common facilities

Business Center

0 %
0 m2
retail shops
parking spots

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Jerome Bell
Darrell Steward
Floyd Miles
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